Confessions of an Advertising Man – David Ogilvy and Alan Parker
It is a book that talks about secrets of getting new clients and how to rise to the top in advertising.

Reality and advertising – Rosser Reeves,
A man shares his experience of 20 years in the advertising industry.  Shares his experience in advertising.

The technique of Advertising Production – Thomas Blaine Stanley
Shares his insights about the advertising production and the techniques used in advertising.

Advertising and the community – Alexander Wilson
Two seminars are shared in this book and the results in the seminars about advertising.

The economics of Advertising – Richard Schmalensee
Talks about the money part of advertising. The investments and the outcome that comes with advertising.

Advertising in contemporary society:perspectives toward understanding – Rotzoll, Kim B.
This book analyzes societies to best advertise products and what products should be advertised. It talks about the tradition, liberalism and authority in a place.

Advertising and Market Power – William S. Comanor
Mainly analyzes two questions, the impact of advertising on relative position and the consumer purchase after the advertising effect.