James, Erin, Cass


  1. Guide to Post Production For TV and Film

This book focused mainly on the aspects of what goes into producing different media within the TV and film industries, as well as what it takes to get into the industry as a worker.

2. Film and Video Career Dictionary

This book discussed the different types of careers within the TV and film industries and the requirements for each job position.

3. The Film Handbook

This book focused on famous film makers and their accomplishments, as well as how they impacted the film industry as a whole.


  1. Film and TV acting: not just the mega stars but thousands of working actors with life long careers

This database discussed the many different actors within the TV and film industry, how they got their jobs, and what they had to do throughout their entire career.

2. Photoplay: A psychology of film and TV media

This database revolved around how the different types of media in the TV and film industry affect people on a psychological level by looking at what goes into making the different types of media.

3. Social capital and networks in film and TV: jobs for the boys?

This database looked at requirements for different jobs within the industry and looked at many of the men who worked within the industry, mainly with what they did in their careers.

4. Factors moderating the impact of word of mouth for TV and film broadcasts

This database discussed what went into making the different media programs and how they impacted the public.