Amazon was first launched in 1995 as a book distributer, because books were in demand however book stores were limited in their capacity as to what they could carry. When the founder, Jeff Bezos, first came up with the idea of Amazon, he was modeling the company after book distributors, only this company would allow average people to have access to their supply and allow for purchase of a single book or two while book distributers only allowed book stores to purchase from them, and only in bulk orders.Amazon_logoAs online ordering became more popular, Amazon continued to expand their services to provide more products. After EBay opened their site, Amazon decided to launch their own auction site in order to compete, and in 2004 they launched their search engine. Today, Amazon has an auction site, , as well as the ability to purchase or rent movies instantly like iTunes and Netflix, the ability to purchase a wide variety of products, the rental/sale of books, online books for kindle, or textbooks, and they provide new products of their own
such as the Amazon Echo.


Amazon has increased their audience, originally targeting adults and students in need of books or retail items. Now their amazon prime which is discounted for students, has a 05c6933e.jpghuge draw for college students, and their variety movies and games eve draw young children. Since it was used for books in the beginning, the people who mostly used it where students or people that wanted to buy books. Now, everyone uses amazon for different uses, and because of that, amazon is commonly used in everyday life.

Customers use amazon to buy books, clothes, furniture, services or even other technological devices. It has also implemented fast one or two-day shipping which has been a perk for all of its customers. It has socially influenced its customers, because it has motivated them to use more online shopping. It has changed the world culturally since it has even promoted to do the supermarket online. The way it has changed economically is that it is one of the biggest stores, and it is only through the internet. It offers several brands that can be bought at once.

Amazon has a variety of regulations that include reporting to IRS. In Amazon, third party sellers have to report what they sell and earn by filing Form 1099-K for U.S. taxpayer sellers and filing out other forms if they are not from the States. In the United States, Amazon requires tax payer information in order to sell the production. These regulations are applied for profit and nonprofit organizations. Howeveis_amzn_too_diversified.jpgr, each country has its own regulations and each person has to comply with the rules of the country they are in. If any of these regulations are violated, the amazon account will be deleted. The regulatory forces has impacted the way it is used, only in the sense to keep order.

As amazon continues to evolve, more regulations continue to pop up and challenge some of their plans. For example, amazon just released a new idea for drone delivery of their products to consumers, sometimes within 30 minutes. However, the Federal Aviation Administration just released a new set of regulations for the legalization of commercial drone aircraft flight such as size, weight, and technology restrictions. They also have to work with copyright regulations in the sale of their goods and release of movies and TV shows for their viewers.