The article consists of ideas that illustrate that advertising is based of many different concepts, ideas and visuals. One of the main points of the article touches on is the idea of advertising style. Each brand has its own style, and they choose how to connect with their audience, with either a direct explicit or personal contact. Their style also can include whether the ads are more serious or structured.

Another main point is the focus of the advertisement and whether the advertisement reaches out to need, motives and emotions. Different cultures have different motives in their lives and strives for different successes. Therefore, companies focus their ads to appeal to the motives of their audience. They also keep in mind sensitivity when reaching out to audience’s emotions. Such as, using motives such as unemployment to trigger sadness with American audiences.

Language is another important ideal in global advertisement. Many ads that are created in English require subtitle if they are shown in other countries. They keep in mind how to express their ideas, because words and sentences are important in some cultures, but not in other cultures.

We felt like this ad translated the appeals very well as it reached out to happy emotions with music and symbols of love. The idea and global theme of love is very universal and there was not any speaking so that it didn’t only include one culture’s language. It also appealed to several languages as it had english and French shown in the video. It made it even more international when it showed Facebook and how people can connect through Coca Cola Light and Facebook. It connects personally, with the idea of sending their message throughout the world to specific individuals directly.