Taylor Swift: and Taylor’s twitter

Taylor Swift uses social media to keep fans updated, here she promotes her music as much as she talks about her personal life. In twitter and instagram she posts pictures of her “squad” and on twitter she is able to interact with her fans.

Kylie Jenner: Twitter:


Kylie Jenner: She is a very controversial character in the world of fame. She posts pictures of lip products in Instagram and on twitter she does the same and keeps fans updated on twitter.


Taylor Swift has yet to post something on Instagram while Kylie Jenner, has been promoting her lip cosmetics. On Twitter Taylor Swift hasn’t posted anything after the dog videos. Kylie has promoted her application and her cosmetics again and somewhat of her personal life. Kylie Jenner has been more active in maintaining her followers up to date than Taylor Swift.


In the essay it said that media figures influenced others to act a certain way. Taylor Swift in my opinion has shown her fans to act a certain way. Here in this tweet she shows a video about love. So she inspires people to show love to others. While in her Instagram she didn’t post between Wednesday and Friday.

Kylie Jenner on the other hand posts pictures like this on Instagram that show that she is concern of what happens. However, most of her pictures are a lot about fashion and promoting what she sells. On her twitter she also promoted her game and she also posts personal tweets.

These two famous people post a lot of personal things and share it with their fans. However, Taylor Swift does not post and promote as much as Kylie does. They both post about negative and positive stuff in life. Taylor posted about her vacation while Kylie also posted about events that are going on in the world. Kylie also promotes more of a lavish lifestyle than Taylor does.