MONDAY: Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift are two celebrities who are well-known for their singing and performing (Taylor Swift also known for her acting and appearance in some movies), however their social media presence is very different.taylor-swift-06242014-600x450

Taylor Swifts social media pages including twitter and Instagram, mostly include photos and videos of herself, and many times her friends and pets.  Her pages are aimed at
portraying her personal life and what she is doing outside of her music and singing career, typically aimed and teenagers and “cute” quotes that are liked by females in particular. Following: as well as her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Bruce Springsteen’s social media however is more at promoting his concerts, performing acts, and tours.  His twitter is focused of photos and videos of his concerts and photos of maxresdefault
and he has met rather than photos of his family and personal life.Following: as well as his Facebook and Instagram pages.

WEDNESDAY:After following these two celebrities for the past two days I have noticed several similarities and differences between the two.

I was slightly surprised to find that Bruce Springsteen was more active on his twitter page tIMG_8182.JPGhan Taylor Swift, posting several pictures every night. These pictures were all photos from his current tour, and photos of him in stage that night or of fans at that evening’s show. He also posted a selfie with his dog in honor of National Puppy Day, which was unusual compared to most of his tweets which don’t usually include selfies. Springsteen also retweeted more photos and tweets from other people or other fans than posting original tweets himself. His Instagram page has not been updated recently within the past few days however most of the past photos on his Instagram page were of album covers or iconic images of cities he has traveled to on his tour.

I was expecting to find Taylor Swift tweeting more than Bruce Springsteen because she is

IMG_8183younger and more into social media however she has not tweeted nor retweeted at all since Monday. On Instagram, she has not updated any new photos either, however I did take a closer look at her past posts and saw that like her twitter page, her Instagram is much more personal and shares her private life than Bruce’s (such as her posting vacation photos with her boyfriend).

FRIDAY: Both Bruce Springsteen and Taylor use their social media to create relationships with their fans and with their audiences. One aspect in which really strengthens these imaginary relationships is repeat exposure to the celebrity. Bruce really emphasizes this in his social media use, posting several times a day and maintaining a constant appearance, many times in very similar images of his performances, and continually making an appearance on his fans’ twitter feed.

TheFullSizeRender.jpgy also aim to resemble traits and values that a person would look for in a friend or wish for in themselves. Taylor Swift, for example, has posted several videos of her and her brother sharing quality family time as well as photos of her hanging o
ut and having a chill night with her girlfriends, with captions about being thankful for them.

Many times, they even go as far as to post about or with a particular fan, to make the FullSizeRender-1.jpgconnection that they really are connecting with their audience as much as their fans likes to think they are. Bruce does this by posting videos of him interacting and singing with his fans at his concerts.