1). Miranda Kerr – Australian model who rose to top model as one of Victoria Secret Angels in 2007. She uses  Twitter Instagram , and Snapchat mostly to share and illustrate her day-to-day life.

2). Shay Mitchell – Mostly known for her acting role as Emily in the tv show, Pretty Little Liars. She uses TwitterInstagram, Snapchat,and Facebook extensively to share her new photoshoots, videos, thoughts and everyday life.

Miranda Kerr
Shay Mitchell







Wednesday: By observing for the last two days, I found out that Miranda Kerr uses her social media to inform about her participation in different events, share her friends moments and her own cosmetics brand, “Kora Organics.” She extensively uses her Instagram and Facebook account to promote her brand through uploading the product images and herself using the products. Also in Twitter, she posts comments on where she is and who she is with so it gives the fans more closeness to the celebrity’s life. I also found out that Shay Mitchell uses her social media to deliver her daily lives and travel journals and to share her photoshoot pictures. Through her Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook account, she posts backstage views and live shots in the photoshoot and travel to other countries. In Twitter, she shares other tweets and articles that are very useful tips for lifestyle.

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They both share videos that they are starred in to attract the fans to watch it and share holiday greetings to the fans. They both usually share their day-to-day lives through various social media to create that special bond between the celebrity and the fans. They also share personal selfies and videos, which has the same function as the above. Their communication differs by Miranda Kerr’s direct advertising of her own cosmetic brand and   Shay’s advertising of sponsored beauty products. While Miranda shares more of her professional life styles such as fashion show events or dinner with other model friends, Shay shares her casual travel videos and more relaxed pictures. This shows the difference of communication moods depending on how much high they are in the celebrity status.


The two media figures I focused on this week has similar functions as introduced in the essay. They function as emotional outlet and role models in ways such as motivation for better body figures, healthy diets, and make up products and routines. Through the shares of day to day lives and beauty and fashion photographs, they influence the audiences or fans to work out more and to use the products they use. Similarly, Shay and Miranda are both popular celebrities who creates symbolic and communicative connection to the goods and services. Because they are very credible and popular figures, they confer value on the object or the product. While observing their social media for the past week, I realized that they advertise many beauty products that are either their own brand (Miranda) or just favorite products.

They both came to be a popular celebrity through repeated exposure, which develops certain traits and enables the audiences to diverge into the imaginary relationships. For example, Miranda was a symbol for perfect body and face as starred in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Also, Shay portrayed similar healthier image that attracted both men and women fans. Because they are symbols of these, they also have to act in a certain way. For example, they have to set example and to share the news to the world such as the Brussels terrorism recently. They both posted a note about #prayforbrussels. Likewise, they also posted about the International Happiness Day. The constant reminders of their existence through various social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram enables them to build that strong relationship with the audiences. Through showing the each moments of their lives, Shay and Miranda creates the relationship as well. These types of relationships establishes certain expectations such as perfect body and appearances. The imaginary relationships are thus created through the emotional influences, motivational and advertising impacts, and repeated exposures of the media figures on the audiences and fans.