Celebrity 1: Ellen DeGeneres


The host of her self-titled talk show, Ellen DeGeneres is very present all across socially media. Mostly accessing TwitterInstagram  and Facebook

Wednesday Update: Ellen typically uses all aspects of her social media to promote her show – The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For example, this tweet below prompted for followers to tune into her show.

Thursday Update: Ellen also uses a lot of humor to appeal to her followers. In this photo, as a nod the 10th anniversary of Hannah Montana premiering, Ellen placed her face into the photo.

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! #TBT #10YearsOfHannahMontana

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Celebrity 2: Kylie Jenner


A controversial celebrity figure, Kylie Jenner typically interacts with her fans via Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Wednesday Update: Opposite of Ellen, Kylie uses her social media platform as a mix of a more personal way to brand herself – her platforms mainly consist of personal pictures of herself with friends and family. Occasionally, she will post to promote her brand of lip cosmetics and other products for different companies who she endorses.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 5.53.12 PM.png

Friday: After following Kylie Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres through the week, I was able to see how each interacted differently with their followers. Ellen Degeneres mainly uses her social media to promote her show. She uses a mix of humor and video clips to encourage and interest followers to watch her show. Kylie Jenner typically uses her social media in a more personal way – while promoting her sisters, her show and her own makeup line at times.

Following to celebrities who utilize social media in different ways was interesting. Both would use the same platform and would use it as a way to promote their personal brands, however both of their accounts and the way they went about promoting were entirely different.  Despite their age and different approach at how they interact with followers, both are very successful when using social media.  Pertaining Kylie Jenner, I think most of her followers are credited to the younger generation who can relate to her and older generations who may merely be interested in seeing what she will do next. In contrast, Ellen is relatable to all generations and, as a comedian, typically uses comedy to gain followers and interact with them as well.