Kevin Hart, Comedian, Actor:

Kevin Hart uses his social media to promote his shows, movies, and other events. In the past recent years however he has used social media to promote hard work and healthy living with his hashtag #MoveWithHart, going on several 5k’s all over the country.


LeBron James, NBA star:

LeBron uses his social media to post about his friends, events, his opinions, and to show off his family.




Kevin Hart’s posts are more personal than LeBron’s posts. Kevin frequently replies to his fans/haters, usually cracking jokes at them. Kevin is more involved with the media since he is an actor/comedian. Without media that field of entertainment would be a lot more difficult as opposed to an athlete. Whatever it is that Kevin creates, promotion is a big part of his success. For example, he promotes his new movies, live shows, tv shows, and more recently his upcoming memoir:

LeBron on the other hand doesn’t use social media as much as an entertainer would but he does use it quite a bit. He uses it to show his friends, family, life, and his many endorsements. In this Forbes article, according to MVPindex, a social media index for sports and entertainment, he ranks as the NBA’s #1 social media ambassador.

“James’ digital value this season (October 20 – January 22) is in excess of $15 million across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, more than any other NBA All-Star”.


Social media has allowed all different kinds of people to be able to connect to each other. It’s truly amazing that with a tap of a screen you are able to know what your neighbor is eating, but at the same time know what Will Smith is eating. Different celebrities have different strategies for their social media, and some just like to rant randomly. Following my two celebrities this week allowed me to analyze their similarities and differences. Although they are in different fields of work, they use social media in many similar ways. They use social media to promote a specific lifestyle. LeBron and Kevin both promote fitness and a healthy living. They inspire others with their words of encouragement and action.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.54.49 PM.pngOther than that, they both use it just like any other person; they communicate with friends and family.