My two chosen celebrities are Dax McCarty (Professional Soccer Player) and PK Subban Professional Hockey Player). Both of them have a strong presence on Twitter and Instagram communicating with fans before and after games

Dax’s Twitter:

PK’s Twitter:


Dax uses his social media to communicate with teammates and also the fans regarding recent games or social events that he attended.  PK also uses his to communicate with the fans and teammates, but also posts about all of the charity work he does along with the amount of money raised. They both communicate with their fans by favoriting tweets and then retweeting the fans’ posts with a response of their own. Their communication strategies seem to differ in the sense that PK will communicate a lot more with the fans than Dax does, who instead communicates more with fellow teammates and the team itself.


Social media enables people to connect with celebrities both emotionally and on an inspirational level.  Many follow a celebrity to gain a sense of how they feel throughout their daily lives while others follow them because they look at them on an inspirational level.  Some examples include PK actually meeting up with fans out in public and signing autographs with them while talking about the sport of hockey in general.  An example of how Dax interacts with his fans is him thanking everyone for the sport when the Red Bulls won their most recent game in an exciting 4-3 comeback.