The two celebrities that I will be following for the next week or so are DJ Khaled and Damian Lillard. DJ Khaled is a popular icon in the music industry, making hits with the most popular artists for the last decade or so. Khaled has just recently become a commodity of the social media app Snapchat, showing everyone what he does every second of everyday. He also says a series of motivational messages to viewers for them to be successful. Likewise, Khaled has shown to be very interactive with his fans with “Fan luv”, dedicating time everyday to talk to his fans that he may run into when doing whatever he is doing. Khaled has become so popular that just recently he was asked to come on The Ellen Show, just to talk about how he uses the app. Damian Lillard is a professional basketball who plays for the Portland Trailblazers. Damian Lillard is very active on Twitter, talking to fans. Additionally, Damian Lillard has a side career of being a rapper. Additionally, Lillard has a small acting career, recently appearing on some State Farm commercials. Lots of athletes, especially in the NBA, do not just limit themselves to the sport of basketball. Lillard has his own sneaker and clothing brand, both sponsored by Adidas.

Through out the past week or so, I have learned a good amount about both DJ Khaled and and Damian Lillard. DJ Khaled uses Snapchat every single day. Snapchat is a very interactive and personal form of social media being that it is based on pictures and short videos. Followers of Khaled really get the chance to know him, whether he is “snapchatting” himself in the shower, or in the studio recording music. Khaled also communicates with his fans with videos of himself giving motivational advice everyday. DJ Khaled has proven that Snapchat is a very effective way to communicate with fans. All in all, Snapchat has taught me that DJ Khaled is a very motivated and open person. Damian Lillard is very active on the social media app Twitter. Twitter is a little bit different than Snapchat, but still very interactive. Lillard’s twitter has taught me that he is very passionate about his music career, releasing links to his music whenever he comes out with something new. I also learned that Lillard is very passionate about interacting with his fans. Just recently, Lillard tweeted that he loves Twitter because it gives you a chance not only to interact with fans, but for people to follow you as person rather than an athlete.

After reading the essay “Imagined Social Relationships,” I can relate a lot of the stuff said to the celebrities I researched. One thing talked about in the essay is that media figures use social media to release both positive and negative feeling. Usually athletes go on social media to blow off steam after a loss or express their feelings after a win. For Damian Lilllard, this is not the case. Lillard doesn’t talk much about his professional career as an athlete on Twitter. As I mentioned before, Lillard likes Twitter because it allows him to interact with his fans. Likewise, it would be right to assume that Lillard only talks to fans and talks about his music career on Twitter because he said that doesn’t want people to follow him as a famous athlete, but a person instead. DJ Khaled expresses both positive and negative feelings on Snapchat every day. Khaled is known to be a very positive person, always expressing on Snapchat how blessed he is to have had the success he has now. With popular lines such as “Bless up” and “Enjoy life”, it is easy to see that Khaled uses social media to vent all of the positive feelings he has. The essay also talks about how media figures use social media to influence individuals to behave and or live their lives in a certain way. For example, Khaled can always be found on Snapchat eating healthy, working out, and giving motivational advice. Additionally, Khaled lives a very wealthy life due to all the hard work he has done. Because of this, fans and followers of DJ Khaled might be influenced to eat healthy, work out, and work hard, for the simple fact that he lives his life that way. Damian Lillard uses Twitter in a way that is different from most athletes. He stresses on his social media to be yourself and to live your life the way you want. Also this may seem very cliche, most athletes do not communicate with their fans the way Lillard does. Likewise, Lillard influences his fans and followers not to be afraid to express themselves on social media, particularly Twitter. All in all, what these celebrities do on social media, whether it is words, pictures, or videos, makes an impact on their reputation. Likewise, what fans and followers see these guys do impacts their opinion of them. Social media use also gives fans and followers to really get to know their favorite athletes and celebrities without actually knowing them.

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