I chose to do an informational narrative on Loyola University for “My Story.” My movie is like a documentary in some ways but it mostly serves as a virtual educational tour of Loyola’s campus. My video is intended to reach beyond our class as an audience and target prospective college students who are interested in attending Loyola. My movie starts out with a few shots showcasing the quad filled with the hustle and bustle of daily student life and briefly gives some basic information about Loyola in general such as location, population, etc. The tour then moves to the Student Center where students can be seen studying and socializing. The Mail Stop is right inside the Student Center, where picking up mail is as easy as swiping your Loyola Evergreen ID Card at the kiosk. In the next shot the campus Starbucks is shown, a place where students come regularly to study, socialize, and get their caffeine fix. The next few shots are dedicated to campus housing, showing a student-eye view of some of the residence hall communities while explaining the location and standards of on-campus residency. Following the housing segment of the tour are clips of a soccer practice, displaying an example of Loyola’s D1 sports. “My Story”concludes with a few shots displaying an intimate classroom setting, typical of Loyola. Small class-size allows the students and professors to have more personal relationships and help with course material outside of class-time is easy to arrange. Loyola University not only provides its students with an outstanding education, but also an outstanding community in which to live, learn, and make memories