My Story project is on my experience as an Irish Dancer. I started Irish Dancing at the age of 7 after falling in love with the music and steps from seeing the performance “Riverdance” by Michael Flatley. I started as a stranger to the world of big fake curly wigs and sparkly, flashy costumes but after just a few months I had found myself at home. For 15 years I grew as a person and as a team member as I learned how to push myself, work for my goals, learn as a student, and become supportive of others. I made it to levels that allowed me to participate in National and World Championships and travel all around the work. I was passionate about the dancing and passionate about the experience, which made me passionate about creating this my story project. I feel it shows my passion and introduces how an activity some see as entertainment on St. Patrick’s Day, has become a huge part of my life.