I did my project on my trip to Paris. My trip to Paris is without a doubt my favorite place that I have ever traveled to. What I enjoyed most about doing this project is the amount of freedom I had in making it. Being able to add background music and use any picture(s) of my choice really gave me a sense of personal identity. I did not run into any major difficulties is the making of this project. A minor one that gave me some trouble was adjusting the volume of the voice of the narration to blend perfectly with the background music. Something that was more fun than difficult is the fact that  I made this whole project on my phone. When I first realized that my Mac would not get the job done, I was intimidated and worried that I would not be able to complete it at the best of my ability. I worked with this adversity and it turned out making the project more fun to do. It took me a while to pick out what song I wanted to put in the background. Likewise, it took me even longer to record my voice perfectly for each picture. All in all, this project was a very enjoyable one for me to do.