For the My Story project I decided to describe my hometown of Packanack Lake.  When I think of my childhood and the factors that have shaped my life Packanack is always near the top of my list.  And while this seems as if this could just be my own experience with the community, I have learned, through conversations with other Packanack residents, that my story is not unique.  The Packanack Lake community fosters a rare sense of inclusion and belonging, which has been important in my life, and is why I chose it as the topic for my project.  The pictures featured are mostly ones taken by myself, my friends, or my family.  I believe this and the music choice helps create an emotional element to my story; this, I believe, is my biggest triumph.  However, while I believe the music fit nicely, the audio was still the most difficult part.  It took some time balancing the music and narration, and having everything sort together nicely. The narration script itself was also difficult since the words and timing had to be chosen carefully.  I hoped through my project that people would have a sense of home and relate to the message I presented – because, as my project displays, nothing says home to me like Packanack.