For the My Story project I chose to do the topic of my senior year spring break trip to Harbour Island, Bahamas with my mom, dad and sister. I chose this topic because the location is very special to me. Harbour Island for me is a happy place where I can completely relax my mind and body. The resorts are absolutely breathtaking with ocean views and pink sand. To me, even more beautiful is the town itself and the people who live there. There is an overwhelming feeling of positivity and joy that radiates from the locals. The locals live a very simplistic life; however, seem completely satisfied with it. They welcome visitors with open arms and share their culture with everyone. I really enjoyed this project because I found it interesting learning how to tell a story effectively and learning the technical uses of iMovie. I had a few struggles using iMovie because I never really had before, so I found myself googling many things to try and work around my difficulties. The biggest thing I had trouble with was the audio. It was hard to make sure that the audio was clear and heard over the background music. In addition, I found it difficult to fade the music in and out without it sounding choppy, but I think I fixed it the best that I possibly could have. Another difficulty that I had during this project was choosing which order to put my pictures in to make the story come across in a way that made sense to the viewer. I also had to match it up with the narration so I had to be careful what order the pictures came in. I really enjoyed doing this project and reflecting on my amazing time in Harbour Island. It is really cool that I got to share this fun time in my life with my classmates through this video. I would love to do something like this again in the future.