My Story is about my experience with make up.  I started with doing make up because my best friend in high school was obsessed with a youtube star, Michelle Phan.  She started learning many different techniques and practicing them overtime.  I was so shocked when I saw the skill that she had with eye make up, so I started to learn myself.  I would watch her do her make up, and take note when she would do mine before social events.  I eventually got very good with make up as well, and other girls would ask me to do theirs.  On our senior prom, I did six different girls make up and one of my Mom’s friends approached me and asked where I got my own make up done.  I told her I did it myself, and she offered me an internship for PR and there I got many oppertunities to learn about what the PR world is like and I got to meet many style and beauty editors.  This experience with make up made me excited to work in college and pursue a marketing major!