My story is about the memory sports and the Asian Memory Championship. I participated in the AMC in Summer 2015. In the video, I went over the ten different categories of memory sports to set a foundation for the audience and to understand the event. I chose this because it was a very memorable and unique event and I hoped to share this to a larger audience. From the video, I like that it includes many photos and important videos with good transitions. For me, the successes seem to be the clear narrative and organization throughout the story. Some difficulties were adjusting the volume between the narrative and the audio. It was hard to find the right point to get the background music and my voice to coordinate and to sound clear. This was my first time working with iMovie so it took a pretty long time to learn to use the features.  I also struggled to find a good song to embed in my video because I was continuously looking for a song that was cheerful but also appropriate to a formal event. In conclusion, I think I did well on incorporation of both informational and personal story.