In today’s world, media has impacted and influenced various events on TV such as political and presidential debates. Social media has made it easier for everyone to follow these events on television and allowing everyone to communicate with each other online regarding their opinions and thoughts. With Super Tuesday results, the Republican candidate that is in the lead is Trump, with Cruz following behind, and the Democratic candidate that received the most votes was Hilary Clinton. Over the past few months, Facebook has had 81.56 million people discussing the presidential candidates, with Trump and Clinton having the most interactions on Facebook. In total, Trump was brought up in conversations within 11 out of the 12 Super Tuesday states on Facebook. Another social media that is involved within the presidential election is Twitter, mostly discussing and favoring Clinton and Trump. Donald Trump has been mentioned 9.3 million times on Twitter, while Hilary Clinton has been mentioned only 3 million times. Ultimately, social media can not predict a presidential election, however individuals are able to voice their opinions and beliefs regarding each candidate on social media, and deciding which candidate to support including each candidate’s views and beliefs on specific topics.