Media platforms and all types of communication have been vital aspects of politics ever since the early days of pamphlets and penny papers. Media has become more and more prominent in our society and it is no question that today’s political campaigns have been strongly driven by forms of communication such as social media.

Presidential candidates today are in a completely different realm than those just a decade prior to them. Facebook, for example, has become a huge forum in which people can express and share their political views with a large mass of people who may choose to respond and even share their ideas as well. This online community has changed the way people perceive elections in general.

Twitter, too, has become an integral part of Political Campaigning in recent years, allowing candidates to directly reach out to voters and interact with them in way which seems quite personal. In addition, users can quickly post short quotes or a clip of a video framing a certain candidate in a way that may not be true to what was represented in the entire speech, for example.

It is interesting to see the correlation between social media influence and poll numbers. On this past Tuesday, March 1, Trump dominated the Republican party. Super Tuesday is when the largest number of primaries and caucuses take place on a single day, and this lead for Trump was crucial to his campaign. If one were to look at Trump’s social network presence, he or she would see that he is much more active on Twitter, for example, than his competitors and has been mentioned more often online.

Although quite commonly Trump’s name is mentioned in a malicious manner, he has become quite infamous among adults and teens alike. Even people who are not interested in politics have seen the many memes and parody videos aimed to poke fun at his outrageous speeches. Television shows such as SNL have even joined in on the Trump bashing, which only seems to make him more well-known. Even if he’s constantly being trash-talked in the media he is still being talked about…A lot.