In today’s society, the social media plays a huge role in the Presidential election. Links and posts of recent updates can go viral within minutes, spreading news instantly across the country, and especially across younger generations who are constantly on their phones.

Short videos also circulate Facebook or Twitter regularly, highlighting important clips from speeches given throughout the candidates’ campaign, which may not have otherwise been viewed by the younger generations of television. There are also many campaign ads that are liked, shared, and viewed on these sites, as well as videos created by news stations and the public that mock candidates.( )

Screen-Shot-2015-12-03-at-6.30.21-AMCandidates also use social media to connect on a more personal level with their supporters.  Some post pictures on Instagram that are aimed to give them a particular reputation while others tweet directly at their fans in response to their tweets or comments, which is a method Trump has greatly been utilizing in his recent campaign.

It was also interesting to see that for the third republican debate in a row, Trump was publishing tweets during the actual debate.  Granted, Trump wasn’t actually on his phone tweeting while arguing in the debate, however because his staff members were, it was a way for Trump to continue to stay personally connected and entertain his followers while speaking to the entire public on stage.

While the social media in our country grows and the number of voters who are linked to social media increases, the importance of social media in the elections increases.  It is also interesting to see that the candidates who lead in social media activity also tend to lead in the polls, including this current election as well as the election in 2012 between Obama and Romney. This helps to show how important social media is when it comes to election.