Myself and the rest of America certainly learned a lot from Super Tuesday. Before this election, I knew little to nothing about politics. Although I still do not know much, a few things stand out to me and I have the gist of it for the most part. On the Republican side of things, Trump dominated, taking seven of the eleven states at hand. The biggest story of Super Tuesday was Trump losing Texas to Cruz. Cruz winning Texas was big, but not big enough, as Trump continues to dominate the Republican side. Another thing we can take from this is that Marco Rubio is on the decline. Rubio is way behind Trump and Cruz in the race, and at this point, he has no chance of winning and should drop out of the election. Although Trump dominated Super Tuesday and still has the lead, Cruz is not to far behind. On the Democratic side of things, Hillary Clinton is in complete control. She has almost one thousand more delegates than Bernie Sanders. In the beginning of the race, Bernie Sanders was a popular choice, but as we get further into the election, Clinton seems to get more and more voters, and the fact that she swept him of the Southern states. All in all, after watching Super Tuesday, we see that Clinton and Trump are leading their parties, and we also see that it is a bit to early to count Cruz out of the race.