Media today has greatly influenced how the debates and politics in general are carried out.  Improvements in media over the years have allowed people to follow the debates live on tv and also on social media.  Social media has also allowed people to communicate with others regarding certain topics revolving around the debates.  The internet has greatly improved the debates as over 40 percent of adults will use it to find out more information on the topics each candidate will discuss, as well as the current spending of the government and other purchases. Social media has greatly changed the debates as well as candidates can keep in touch with other politicians and also the public in general.  The White House also organizes a Twitter Town Hall every now and then to answer questions from the public as well.  Social media has also helped the public when deciding who to support in the Presidential Debates as it allows people to fast check.  This means that they can easily check to see if what a candidate said is true or not.  This prevents candidates from spewing lies as often as many used to since the public can now verify the real truth of their statements.