Media has always been a big part of politics. Dating back to the early days of the United States where they used posters/signs, and newspapers, to today with TV, and social media. Social media has become an enormous part of politics today and it’s basically required to have some social media presence in order to win today’s people.

Twitter is a big part of politics, and today the president of our country has a twitter, @POTUS, and the first lady, @FLOTUS. The youth are the future of this world and considering they spend an enormous time of their day on their phone it is an excellent idea to have a big presence on social media.

I believe the saying “there’s no bad publicity” comes into play in social media. Donald Trump is one of the most made fun of public figures on the internet today. He is constantly being used in memes, videos, and punchlines, including many late night talk shows like John Oliver.

John Oliver’s hashtag has been used a number of times on social media and a google chrome extension that changes Donald Trump’s name to “Donald Drumf” has been installed more than 333,800 times.

Although Donald Drumf is being made fun of constantly, almost everyone knows his name now, and he is on the leading end of the Republican party. Social media has a big impact on popularity and in this case, being made fun of would be better than being the candidate who nobody has ever heard of.