It has been apparent since the beginning of our country’s history that communication cartoon2would play a critical role in the government.  Our founding fathers believed, as is apparent from the first amendment, that the press and all citizens should have the freedom to say what they want.  This ensures no backlash if an individual, group, or company talks or reports negatively about the government.  The United States citizens therefore play a key role in regulating the government and their actions.  Consequently, many government officials try to speak, interact, and communicate directly with the general public.

Since the Revolutionary War people have been giving speeches to stir up political support.  This type of political communication has stayed rather consistent over the years. fdrinauguraladdress Members of political parties still deliver speeches to a relatively small group of individuals and the speech’s content and messages are then relayed to the general public.  Today this is how the State of the Union and Inaugural Speeches are given.

However, the way the general public receives these speeches has changed drastically.  In the beginning these speeches were relayed rather slowly by newspapers.  However, today, fox debatewe are able to watch the speeches live, whether on the TV or on the internet.  This type of communication has decreased the separation between the American public and their elected officials.  Now citizens can interact directly with the President of Presidential candidates on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This new way of political communication has played a key role in the 2016 presidential campaigns.