Communication is a significant factor in politics. Candidates need to communicate their ideas, beliefs, and plans to their community in efficient ways. A popular way for candidates to do so nowadays is through various social media platforms. The role of communication in politics have evolved over the years. For example, in the earlier days presidents had to rely on simply public speaking, then the radio, and now TV and social media. The US News posted ways in which “new media” affects politics. For example, the news can choose. The news and different reporters can shape a viewers opinions on a candidate. In addition, on twitter, youtube or Facebook allows one to like or dislike a post. By clicking on a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon, constituents can give politicians an instant read on opinions and positions posted on their Web pages.

politics-and-media1.jpg In addition, on Facebook there is a share button in which you can share different stories on your timeline that you individually see and show all of your friends. This allows messages to go viral within seconds. Politicians also rely heavily on their websites and Twitter to share their policies and ideas.


With the recent campaign going on I am constantly being asked which candidate is my favorite. I had a general base of knowledge for all of the candidates except for Bernie Sanders. So, I googled his website and read up on some of his beliefs and plans and now have a very good idea of his platform as a democratic candidate. These websites can help people learn about each candidate quickly and effectively. Twitter is also a great way for candidates to share, especially for the younger audience. For example, Marco Rubio and others constantly share recent polls and pictures of them giving speeches to promote themselves. In addition, Trump also is a VERY active social media user often dissing other candidates. Here Trump says he will use Twitter and Facebook to expose the faults in Marco Rubio.

Politics is greatly affected by communication. Through TV, websites, and social media candidates spread their messages.