In the 1990’s the United States began to go through a Cyberporn Panic, in which parents and some adults of the country wanted to limit the accessibility of pornographic material in order to prevent young children from being exposed to the indecent material.  Others, however felt that adults should still be allowed access to services that provide this material and felt as though the government should not be allowed to block access for everyone. In the year 1996, The Communications Decency Act was passed by Congress and then implemented by the FCC.  Some parts of this act have been overturned however the current law forbids adults from willingly and/or knowingly showing or transmitting pornographic material to children under the age of 18, in an effort to limit the exposure children have to indecent material and pornography without imposing on adult’s rights to access such material. This law exhibits the FCC and Parents of the country trying to protect young generations. This issue affects Americans, because it affects the American household. Children are exposed to material they are not supposed to be seeing since it takes away their innocence and it can result in issues later in their lives. This issue in future should be solves 100%, it will be an issue that will be there in the near future. Right now, Cyberporn is something that was targeted and just started to take effect. However, it is important that children are 100% taken away from that environment.

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