James, Udval, Wes, Alec

A controversy that started these rule was the fact that people believed children should get more educational value out of TV while they watch it.  The history of this goes back to 1990 when the Children’s Television Act was put into place, as well as the introduction of the 3 hour rule in 1997.  Later on other rules were enacted such as, the Communication Decency Act and the Telecommunications Act.

The different players/sides include adults and their children who are 16 years or younger. This forces   children to watch the programs shown through

These impact Americans by forcing them to watch educational programs in the morning with the various programs that are required to be shown.

The future of this issue includes the fact that programs on TV will continued to be added to continue the educational aspect of the overall system itself.  The future could also include longer show times of the educational programs, forcing viewers to watch them more often.