According to “The Blade Runner Experience,” The Blade Runner examines questions of humanity, ethics, and morality. This article resonated with me as I watched the film. The test given to identify the Replicants involved asking a series of questions which were meant to invoke an emotional response followed by the close analysis of the eye, specifically the involuntary contraction of the iris. This test is meant to separate the humans from the non-humans. The implications of this process suggest that the nature of our humanity is in fact closely related to our emotions and personal attachments. Our ability to feel emotion is what makes us inherently human. The Blade Runner has many different themes but that nature of humanity in general is certainly a major one.

This movie raises questions of ethics and morality regarding the blurry lines of what defines humanity. Rachel’s initial unawareness of her own identity plays on our emotions. The relationship of the memories and the photographs which she kept demonstrates how memories, even if not our own, make us feel human. The nature of the replicants and their false sense of idenity resonates with the audience and makes one consider the ethical implications of implanting fake emotions and attachments into a non-human being.