The singer Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed for not even a seconds at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004. The issue is concerned with public indecency and CBS sued the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for $550,000; however, the case was dropped.


As a result of this mishap Jackson’s music was blacklisted by various broadcasters. This also affected other performers in that performances were canceled  or altered from sporting events altogether.The incident motivated an estimated 35,000 to sign up for TiVo and a co-founder of YouTube would mention in interviews how the 2004 halftime show online helped inspire the creation of the video service.

This issue impacts regular Americans because it can be considered offensive to television views especially children. This image was probably shocking to some people… this isn’t typical of a Super Bowl. This event is a family oriented program and nudity doesn’t fall under that category.For example a mother of three wrote:”I am outraged at the finale of the show,””There was no warning whatsoever that it may not be appropriate for children.”However, some people may not find this incident offensive it was for a very short amount of time not even a second. Some people may have believed that this issue wasn’t that big of a deal.