From the readings on Blade Runner, I agree that replicants are representation of “reality confusion” because of the blurred lines between the artificial beings and human. Also, they themselves get confused about reality in their implanted memory. I also agree that the film goes beyond the discussion of class and race but does not clearly illustrate a clear solution or message. Moreover, the reading discussed that Rachel’s character placed the idea of feminism in the male-dominated film. Although it could be true, I think that Rachel has identity of replicant more than identity as a woman.

Blade Runner seems to be a surprisingly technologically advanced movie in special effects and sceneries compared to other films. The new topic of “replicants” is a shocking topic in the Sci-Fi circle. As far as humanity and ethics, from my perception, the film shows how humans have lost their humanity and emotion and became brutal by not only innovating replicas but also implanting memories and controlling emotions to fulfill their needs. On the other hand, showing the replicants as a being who strive to live longer instead of living in fear as a slave draws clear contrast between the human without ethics and replicants with ethics and emotion.

From my interpretation, I think consciousness and emotion makes us human. Instead of the actual humans, replicants portray consciousness through striving to live longer. For instance, Batty and Rachel even saves Deckard’s life as opposed to humans trying to kill and manipulate replicants to do works for them without feeling guilt. They also show sense of community and feeling of loss when Pris and Zhora died. This is also relevant to this day in a way that technology is evolving faster than ever and it is taking over the daily tasks so the same question arises on what makes us human.