After watching Blade Runner and reading Blade Runner Legacy, my opinion of the movie has been altered. At first, I was not a big fan of the movie. In the reading Blade Runner Legacy, they refer to the film as an “instant classic” and describe it with adjectives such as “essential”. I have to agree with these descriptions of the movie after fully understanding the concept of it. I think the whole idea of how technologically advanced the earth will be by that time is a very intriguing subject to most, including myself. For this exact reason I think that people are so influenced by the film. The film really shows how drastically the world is going to be technologically in the upcoming years to come.  The whole idea of the replicas existing on earth is a pretty scary thought. The fact that there is a possibility that we will be depending 100% on technology to the point where we will be living with robotic humans is a problem to me. The film comments on humanity and ethics in small ways throughout the film. The Blade Runner’s job is to find the replicas and get rid of them, and the way that they distinguish the replicas from humans are through emotional appeal. The ethical part of the film is how these replicas are being created with the body parts of real humans, but the replicas do not have souls. Likewise, what makes us human is the fact that we have a soul(s), so if one day replicas exist with us on earth, what is humanity going to be like? The question of humanity is still in play in today’s society, for example, cars are apparently going to be able to park themselves relatively soon, almost taking away our use for driving.