The first pdf file by Janini Subramaniani basically analyzes the issues and the legacy left behind. So it helps understand the movie better and the conflicts that arise in the movie. Some characters are also analyzed so we get to learn about them better. The other pdf file, by Sam Umland I feel questioned a bit more. At the end he says he believes that it was kind of an overall disappointment. I do not agree with this statement for several reasons. I think that it was not a disappointment, because it was I think the Blade Runner was so influential because how much it had to do with humans playing around with out biology and trying to get human clones. I think it was also acclaimed because it was set in the future. It has also been acclaimed because of how well recognized the actors involved in the movies. It has had many games and essays written in its name. Moreover, I think it was also a very original idea at the time. It was something new that brought some kind of controversies. It brings questions of human of ethics, because it comes to the question whether we making clones is morally correct, and would they count as humans? And was it morally correct to tricking them into thinking that they have memories?