The movie, “Blade Runner,” is a science fiction movie which takes place during 2019 where new technology allows humans to design replicants that are essentially used to do manual labor, however is identical to a human being. These replicants are illegal to be on Earth, in which a blade runner will hunt and execute any replicants that they find on Earth. The article, “Blade Runner Legacy” believes that the movie was a “classic” and “essential” in which I agree with. This article overall believes that the movie was a success and connects views on technology, however, the movie can be overlooked by several people once in a while.  The only difference between the replicants and human beings is that we are all able to feel and express our emotions, meanwhile the replicants are not able to, which ultimately distinguishes humans apart from the replicants.”Blade Runner” comments on our humanity and ethics by the main reason replicants are used are for manual labor, which all of their movements and strength are controlled by human beings. Overall, “Blade Runner” is a popular science fiction movie that exemplifies the use of technology in the near future, which does not always turn out to be the best for everyone.