Blade Runner was compiled of all the aspects that encompass a sci-fi film. The futuristic aspect, a threatening non-human existence and a human hero who has a sort of ultra-human strength to save the day. I agree with the readings about the analysis of the movie. Especially with the writer who details how Rachel and her relationship with Decker sheds light on her femininity and role in the film.  I also agreed with the readings that brought up the idea of the replicants being a sort of reality confusing aspect in the film.  I think the

Blade Runner has been such an influential film because it first attracted the sci-fi audiences and then the interest in it increase so much that it attracted nearly everyone, despite it being a disappointment upon initial release.  People have analyzed it to determine the significance of replicants and how they reflect the stimulation and reality confusion.  Also, for the time period the movie was produced an advanced of technology and animation was used, the graphics helped to make the movie stronger and more interesting. One of the readings comments how the movie has a pathological attitude to all social classes. I am not really sure if I agree with that. The movie sends light on different ideas of technology, class, and identity. Overall, Blade Runner was an easy movie to follow along with and the connections to the readings were understood.