Although it started off slow, overall I enjoyed the movie. The reading was accurate in presenting the movie, and its influence. The movie is set to the year 2019 and Los Angeles looks like an industrial dump. Considering 2019 is the year we are supposed to be graduating, I really hope that the future does not look like that. When you think of California, the words dark, damp, and rain are not what you would normally use. We do have cars that have automatic opening doors, but Replicants with superhuman strength is a little out of the picture.

I think The Blade Runner has been such a big influence on Sci-fi circles because it was one of the first movies to tackle such an event. I was very surprised that a movie that was made in the 80s could have such video effects and could make that kind of environment.

When Leon was about to kill Rick Deckard and Rachael shot Leon, I was really surprised it didn’t result in collateral damage. Rachael’s shot went right through Leon’s forehead and Leon was face to face with Deckard.

This movie touches on humanity and ethics through the Replicants. These human-like cyborgs have super strength, but they only have 4 years of life. The memories of others, and emotion were added to these robots as well. The question is then poised, what makes us human? The Replicants look like humans, they die, they have emotions, and they have memories, but are they classified as human? The movie does a great job bringing that subject up and causing the viewer to really reflect on the idea.