I agree with what the readings said about this movie as they had a very accurate presentation of the general ideas of what went on during the course of it.  The movie has been so critically acclaimed with sci-fi circles as it revolved greatly around that genre with the overall presentation of it.  The movie took place in as setting of what the future was thought to be like in 2019 and including other sci-fi elements like flying cars.  The movie comments on humanity and ethics in the sense that scientists created robot-like people, known as replicates, that were made to be exactly like humans. The only thing different was that they could not feel or express emotions.  Each of these replicates was also chipped with a device that gave them someone else’s memories making them to believe they were actually human.  This connects back to ethics and humanity as it revolves around the idea that people were controlling these replicates as well as their minds.  The question of what makes us human is greatly related to this film as the replicates were hard to distinguish from actual human beings and had to be questioned using certain key questions like, “do you remember this or could you tell me about your mother?”to try and see how they would react and if their pupils would change. This question could still be relevant today depending on the circumstances.