My advertisement is for Pantene hair products. It shows several famous NFL football players doing their young daughters hair while laughing and lovingly interacting with them. It then shows the words “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women”. At the very end of the commercial it shows Pantene’s known slogan of “Strong is beautiful”. This commercial has a very simple background, it is filmed on a set in front of a white background with the word Pantene on it. The simplicity of the setting makes the connection between the dads and their daughters look much less staged and therefore stronger. 


Because of how it was made, this ad appeals to a very wide audience. It catches people’s attention by using the cute factor of these adorable little girls, but also appeals to anyone who has a daughter or even knows someone with a daughter. Additionally, the fact that Pantene used famous NFL players instead of normal dads is also a huge appeal to the product as well. You can’t help but smile watching this ad, which is a huge psychoanalytic appeal. It is very relatable to watch these dads struggle while trying to style their daughters hair because that is something that has happened to most women at least once or twice.

The main message of the commercial is that girls who actively spend time with their fathers will develop into better women and have stronger families. This is conveyed by the wording in the ad, which fits in well with Pantene’s overall “Strong is beautiful” slogan. Heartwarming messages like these are very attention grabbing to society. The use of the football players was a smart choice for Pantene. It is intriguing to see these huge. tough football players being family men. We see them being tough on the field and often forget that they do have a soft side.

Pantene’s “Strong is beautiful” campaign is said to help women and girls “shine by helping to build their confidence”. Pantene has teamed up with these NFL football players to show that spending quality time can have a positive, lasting effect on female self-esteem. Interestingly enough, there actually is scientific research behind Pantene’s choice to team up with these football players. Dr. Linda Nielsen explains in an article called “College Daughters’ Relationships with Their Fathers: A 15-Year Study,” Wake Forest University, 2006, that “the father has the greater impact on the daughters’ ability to trust, enjoy, and relate well to the males in her life.” Not to mention that “well-fathered daughters are usually more self-confident, more self-reliant, and more successful in school and in their careers than poorly fathered daughters.” This is why bonding time for fathers and daughters is so important in shaping who the girls will become, and why Pantene decided to send this message in their advertisements.


The only downside to the advertisement is that an actual product of Pantene isn’t shown, like a bottle of a shampoo or conditioner. However, the word Pantene is huge in the background of the ad and is not forgotten. Also, the appeals made are strong enough to make the viewer think of Pantene and want to buy their product. Overall, Pantene made several smart decisions when deciding how to advertise both their products and their company as a whole and I think that their advertisement was very successful.

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