My advertisement I chose to analyze is a T-Mobile ad called “Restricted Bling” featuring rapper/singer Drake. This ad was aired during Super Bowl 50. The advertisement begins with Drake dancing to his hit song “Hotline Bling.” He is dancing in a yellow lighted box just like the original video. Then three workers stop the shooting of the video and talk to Drake. Two being men and one being a woman. All three of them being pretty older in age. They stopped Drake to tell him the changes they want for his song. The woman first says that he should say, “That you are eligible for a new phone after 24 months.” She also tells him that, “After going places where you don’t belong, Mexico and Canada are not included.” Drake responds to this by saying, “I told a lot of people that I’m from Canada but I lied.” Then one of the guys says, “Streaming music will incur data charges.” He also says, “You can’t say you go exactly what you asked for cause we never give them what they ask for.” Then the other guy adds on by saying, “Unless they ask for hidden fees.” All four of them begin laughing about it. After all of these suggestions Drake agrees with all these changes. Drake says, “These changes don’t ruin the song at all.” The women ends the conversation by asking Drake if they could all go into the box. Then the ad cuts to all three of them dancing in the box with Drake’s “Hotline Bling” song playing in the background.

This T-Mobile advertisement is mainly appealing to kids, younger adults, and fans of Drake’s music. The ad starts with a scene from the very iconic music video of “Hotline Bling” by Drake. This music video and dance was used for many comedic videos and Vines seen on Twitter and Facebook. Another reason T-Mobile uses Drake in their ad is because he is one of the most popular rappers/singers in the music industry today. This ad is supposed to be a humorous one because the three people changing the song are attacking other companies. They are showing how other phone carriers are not as good as T-Mobile. They talk about having addition data charges on music streaming and hidden fees which T-Mobile does not have.

T-Mobile is not new to spending a lot of money for advertisements. In a study of July 2015, T-Mobile has spent the most money on ads compared to other popular phone carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. T-Mobile spent about $42.5 million on 12 different ads. AT&T came in second with Verizon and Sprint following them. For Super Bowl 50, T-Mobile spent around $14.8 million on just 2 ads, the other ad having celebrity Steve Harvey. They were the third most effective advertiser during the Super Bowl having over 100 million social impressions. Of those social impressions; 6.8 million views were on Facebook, 8 million views were from overall online views, and 131 million TV views. T-Mobile was the only phone carrier in the top 60 advertisers during the Super Bowl.

T-Mobile is trying to attract more kids and younger adults to their company using this advertisement. Drake was definitely a good way in doing so. T-Mobile has been spending the most money on ads compared to other phone carriers recently. We will have to see if these techniques help T-Mobile attract more customers in the long run or are they just wasting too much money on advertisement.

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