For my ad analysis I chose to analyze the Heinz products commercial ad that aired during Super Bowl fifty.  The ad was used to advertise Heinz’s growing industry of not only ketchup, but also other products like chili and other sauces.

The commercial consisted of a large group of dachshunds dressed up like hot dogs that were charging in towards their owners, who were dressed up like each of Heinz’s different products, across a large field, concluded with them jumping into their owner’s arms.

Semiotics were used effectively in this ad throughout the entire commercial with one of them being the use of dachshunds dressed in hot dog buns.  A lot of people call dachshunds “hot dog” dogs so it was clever of Heinz to use them in portrayal of a hot dog in buns.  Symbolism was also used when Heinz portrays the humans in costumes symbolizing the expanding industry Heinz has had over the years.

One of the backfires of this commercial is the fact that they use dogs to portray a hot dog which could lead to people thinking they are eating a dog while eating hot dogs.  To counter this Heinz makes use of changing the overall psychiatric feel by making the setting a bright and sunny field with happy, joyful music playing in the background.  They also show the people smiling and showing joyful expressions as the dogs happily leap through the air into their arms.  This leads to the overall emotional appeal of the commercial to be happy and joyful meaning that Heinz’s products will lead to great times when people use them.

The political economy aspect of this commercial involves Heinz advertising their expansion of products within their industry.  Studies from 2012 onward show that Heinz has increased sales of over 15% just from selling other products like chili and sauces.  The company sells millions of products every year and continues to have a steady profit as the years go on.  Their goal, as one of the leading producers of ketchup and other sauces, is to continue to expand their company’s products and remain as one of the top producers in the ketchup and sauce industry and hope to continue being in this position, ever since they started the company back in late 1904.  To do this Heinz has begun to open up larger production facilities all over in the world, but mainly in Europe and Asia.

The overall message perceived from this commercial is the aspect of having a fun and happy time when eating hot dogs with Heinz products.  The overall atmosphere the company uses really helps to portray this overall message within the commercial.  Using the dogs was very effective as it brings a lot of people joy to see dogs, especially ones in costume.  Using these effective methods in this commercial, and future ones if Heinz continues to produce them, will greatly help their profits allowing them to continue with marketing and advertising, as well as continue to expand their overall line of products by directing funds into more research.  Heinz can also use this commercial as a base model for future advertising as it will allow them to see just how their methods work, allowing for better commercials and higher profits in years to dogs