Snickers Superbowl Commercial 2016

Word Count: 550

The snickers commercial of this years 2016 Superbowl included Willem Dafoe and Marilyn Monroe as celebrity icons to promote their candy bar. The commercial starts by zooming in on Dafoe’s ankles, which depicts a mimic of the white dress scene in Marilyn Monroe’s movie, The Seventh Year Itch. The camera then focuses in on his face, which is expressed as frustrated and confused. The scene becomes chaotic when the white dress does not cooperate with the seductive appeal he is trying to pull off and Dafoe becomes angry with the photographer of the fake photo shoot. The photographer remains calm, and another worker of the set hands Dafoe a snickers bar which causes him to transform into Marilyn Monroe. The transformation of Dafoe to Marilyn Monroe changes the dynamic of the scene from a dysfunctional photo shoot to one that went smoothly sailing.

Snickers, a company owned by Mars, started a campaign in 2010 in which they changed their slogan to “you’re not you when you’re hungry”, this slogan has changed the theme of Snickers commercials since. In 2012, their sales surged from $3.29 billion to $3.57 billion because of their new media trend and the change in their slogan. The Snickers advertising team has a wide audience to target: men, women, the elderly, and children. They use the benefit of sporting events and celebrities to make their commercials more memorable for their audiences. In this particular commercial the Snickers team uses a lot of symbolism to portray comedy, make snickers desirable, and to help support their slogan.

Marilyn Monroe is best recognized for her sex appeal that she brought during her time in earlier Hollywood. She is very iconic for both men and women and helps promotes the desirable aspect of a Snickers bar. The use of Marilyn Monroe in the commercial is very powerful because it emphasizes the dramatic change that happens after Dafoe eats the Snickers bar. A man in a dress is very out of character, and it makes it even more obvious when you recognize that the man is Willem Dafoe. After he eats the chocolate bar and he transforms into Marilyn Monroe and the scene starts running more smoothly. This whole idea of the transformation supports their slogan because it effectively shows a funny way that a Snickers bar will make you physically better, making it an irresistible treat. The humor portrayed in their commercial will help their sales because it is relatable by all ages, and by playing it on the Superbowl more viewers will watch it and talk about it the next day.

The music used in the commercial is also a key component to emotional appeal to a snickers bar. The commercial starts with romantic music when the camera is on Dafoe’s ankles and draws the viewer into the idea that the rest of the body is going to be a flawless female, and when it is not the music changes and stops. This draws in  the viewers attention and changes their emotion towards the scene, as soon as the transformation from Dafoe to Monroe happens, the music goes back to the romantic tune that they were originally playing earlier. The combination of romantic music and Marilyn Monroe promotes that Snickers is a chocolate bar, and chocolate is a symbol of romance.