By: Abby Stevenson

For my ad analysis I chose to analyze the Honda Ridgeline car commercial. The add was used to advertise the new 2016 Honda Truck with truck bed audio; the first of its kind.

In the commercial there is a man, a truck, a dog, and singing sheep. The commercial opens up with the man unloading many sheep from the bed of his new truck. As he drives away with his dog the sheep burst out singing “Somebody to Love” by Queen. By giving sheep human characteristics it brings life to the commercial and makes it more enjoyable to watch. When the man comes back on the field he switches the song to play from the bed of the truck. As he unloads the last of the sheep and drives away they break out in song again. Driving on a field shows the audience what the car is capable of. As the commercial comes to an end the dog says that the Honda Ridgeline “is the only truck with an available trunk bed audio system”. This makes the Honda Ridgeline the first and only truck with this feature. The music is a key symbol of this commercial since it was played all through out. What makes this commercial so good is the incorporation of humor along with showing the audience what the product really is about.


There are several emotional appeals in this commercial. One emotional appeal is the song “Somebody to Love”. The use of music and song is sold easily in advertisements. The fact that Somebody to Love was such a big hit back in the day and still is adds to the effect of the music appeal. If you hear a certain song with a certain brand people will relate them to one another in the future. The musical emotional appeal was easily expressed through the car speakers and also the singing sheep. Since the sheep were singing it made the song much more memorable. Another emotional appeal is the sheep’s body language towards each other. They use different tones towards each other and the digital effects to make it seem like the sheep are singing.

2017-Ridgeline-Superbowl.jpgThe Commercial is meant for men. Majority of Superbowl commercials are made for men. Most women would not drive trucks or work in field conditions which is why it is aimed towards men. The fact that there was a man driving the truck and unloading the sheep from the bed of the truck supports this claim. Since being founded in 1948 Honda’s revenue has been increasing every year, and this commercial will definitely help them with sales in 2016. Honda is number 23 on Forbes list. The market cap as of May 2015 is $61.4 billion dollars. Honda has made $117.06 Billion dollars since 1948. Honda has been a very successful automobile industry and has continuously released great cars year after year. There is no doubt that Honda will continue to do the same for years to come. This commercial was voted on as one of the best commercials shown during the 50th Superbowl.