My analysis is based on the FitBit advertisement aired on the Super Bowl 50. Fitbit advertises their new fitness watch called the Blaze that has essential features, style and meaning.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.01.44 PM
Slogan: Get Fit in Style

The advertisement illustrates four different characters in different settings wearing the new fitness watch. A man at a train station moves to a gym workout session, a young woman traveling on an airplane does fitness training, an another man working in his office later plays a basketball and then a young female shows up to a date night in a formal dress but changes to doing karate. The scene then introduces the slogan, “Get Fit in Style,” and the features of the watch. The change of actions from everyday activities to strenuous workouts illustrates that the watch is wearable for 24/7 with any outfits from casual to formal. Since each person wears different colored straps, it is a personalized item that makes an unique experience through various styles.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.59.47 PM
Blaze as an accessory on a plain dress

In the commercial, there are several symbols that enhance the Blaze. The colors of the outfits are plain and basic without any patterns, to draw the eyes to the product. The characters consist of two female and two male young adults, which symbolizes that there are no gender bias in using this product. These elements in coordination with the color conveys that the target market for this product is younger to middle generation who aim for stylish and smarter looks. In addition, the advertisement contains realistic images of everyday lifestyle without any special dramatic effects or fancy lights. The characters are ordinary people, which stresses the idea of community in a realistic mood. The fact that every  scene is portrayed in a crowded public setting also adds to the warmer and realistic atmosphere in the advertisement. 

In addition to the semiotics, psychoanalytic aspects are shown through music and the camera editing. The most apparent is the upbeat jazz background music and the fast-paced transition from each scene. This develops excitement and appeals to joy as well as motivation to workout in between busy daily lives. Moreover, the camera captures the characters in the center and it follows the movement of the characters rather than the product. As shown in editing and selection of characters, the ad offers community for people to be motivated by peer support through the feature of the watch to compare yourself to others in your network.

Fitbit owns 77% of the market in fitness-watch by providing a great products, at the right time at the right price point. Because they resist the urge for expensive vanitythe product is offered at a cheaper price of $200, which is $450 less than Apple’s watch. They spend less on marketing by mostly receiving user feedback in the social media but the uprising competitions raised the need to advertise. They started off as advertising in between the football game and earned good results. Thus, they collaborated with Argonaut, an advertisement agency, which created the Volkswagen commercial for the previous Super Bowl. In an interview, they think that the ad will appeal to the widest demographic. No matter what type of person, “Fitbit has something for them.” Specifically, this new design is targeted to casual exercisers, who workout in and out of their busy lifestyles, rather than professional athletes. 

The affordable price, the approach through social media and television commercial, and the comprehension of consumers’ need for community and style enhances the company’s image. This commercial is an excellent demonstration to show all these positive aspects and extend their brand awareness.

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