Ad Analysis: The Bud Light Party: Super Bowl Commercial 2016

On February 7th 2016, the Bud Light beer company aired an election- themed Ad during Super Bowl 50 in lieu of the upcoming presidential election. The commercial depicted comedians, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan, forming a “Bud Light Party.” As they ask Americans across the United States what brings them together; the clear answer, to the Bud Light wielding Americans, is beer. The comedians can be found throughout the commercial promoting the “Bud Light Party” all across the United States. The political parody has earned itself an A- according to the Chicago Tribune placing in 5th place of the best Super Bowl 50 commercials.

The political parody was put in response to Bud Light’s heated controversy in 2015. Their Ad justified the removal of “No” from a night of drinking the product. It could be interpreted in many ways, yet most viewers saw the Ad as a justification of rape. The airing of the Ad during prime time in the Super Bowl was in Bud Lights hopes to gain back support from their consumers. As the Bud Light Ad campaign had not featured any popularly viewed Ad since then.

While it has earned itself almost 13.5 million views on YouTube and ranked within the top 5 commercials of Super Bowl 50, it has more than half as many dislikes as it does likes on YouTube. Although the cast of the commercial is star studded, many of the comments were targeted against Amy Schumer. The famous comedian has been featured in many TV shows, movies, and commercials were YouTubers felt overwhelmed by the excessive use of one celebrity. The colors of the “Bud Light” party, ironically enough, so happened to be the same colors of both the Trump campaign and Democratic Party. This political parody could be seen as satirical towards the supporters of the party.

The demographics of the Ad were aimed towards Americans all across the U.S. Citizens from rural to urban areas and everything in between including young and old. The Bud Light Ad showed Amy Schumer a popular female comedian as a head of the “Bud Light Party” as well as more women featured in the Ad as part to show the audience that Bud Light isn’t just for men and that just as many women drink it.

The psychoanalytic aspects, of the commercial, appeal to the viewers’ following the campaign trail of the upcoming presidential election. While both democratic and republican parties disagree, the commercial shows that Americans agree on many things, such as Paul Rudd. Both Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer present themselves to the audience through their speech is both confident and hopeful with Bud Light in the future of America. The commercial also plays very upbeat-slow playing music that puts the audience in awe of the product that’d unify America in the midst of a very argumentative time.

Some of the semiotic aspects of the Ad include dirty jokes aimed towards the presidential election such as that when Amy Schumer saying that the Bud Light party has a big Caucus. It presents a level of humor within election terms. The others include a scene where Seth Rogan brings campaigns at a construction site. It shows that Bud Light is very affordable especially on a workingman’s budget as well as far out rural areas, which show the accessibility of the product. Yet, the most profound of all is the manner that Bud Light beer would bring all of America together.

Yet, the commercial faces backlashes in many ways. It shows the product being consumed during work and everywhere in between. One of the scenes depicted an election vehicle promoting the beer while driving. On a smaller scale it also introduces comedians who have, themselves, faced controversy over their sense of humor.

Overall, the commercial introduces a level of star-studded humor amidst the back and forth debates between the candidates in the upcoming presidential election. Recovering from the controversy stated earlier, it hopes to gain back support, as the company has not come out with a popularly viewed Ad since the event. Although the election has caused many to draw lines in the sand, the Bud Light Company pokes fun at the anarchy during election time. Its main message is to all just come together and have a beer.