By: Kara Milke

My advertisement analysis is based off of a Hyundai Genesis 2016 commercial that was on television during the 50th Super Bowl commercials. This ad presents the brand new Hyundai Genesis and Hyundai’s Blue Link Car Finder.


The commercial begins with a Hyundai Genesis parked in the drive-way, while a teenage boy arrives at the door and a teenage girl answers. Her father, Kevin Hart insists for him to take his new car, handing the keys to the boy. As soon as they leave, Kevin lifts up his wrist with an Apple watch on it, and shown on the screen is the Car Finder App. The couple starts off their night by going to the movies, and the boy turns around and sees Kevin sitting behind them. Their next stop is a carnival and the boy wins a stuffed animal for the girl. The boy turns towards the prizes and sees Kevin looking at him through the stuffed animals. Their last stop is a romantic spot, and as the boy leans in for a kiss, he sees Kevin dangling from a helicopter. He drives the girl home immediately, while Kevin greets them at the door asking why they are back so soon. The boy gives back Kevin’s keys, and as the boy leaves Kevin locks the car from inside, making the lights flash, causing him to jump and hurry away. The commercial ends with a vast smile on Kevin’s face.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.46.16 PM Throughout the commercial, the colors have a consistent dark theme, including brown, red, blue, and black. However, when the couple arrives at the carnival, the color theme changes to bright colors to lighten up the mood. The music incorporated in this commercial is the song, “Another one bites the dust,” by Queen, having an upbeat, catchy tone. This is an older song that everyone knows, which will attract older viewers.

The symbolism presented in this commercial is the Hyundai Genesis car, teenagers on first dates, and over-protective parents. The ad is promoting the new Hyundai Genesis 2016 that includes a Blue Link Car Finder which can be used to locate the car at all times. Teenagers going on first dates is also symbolized in this commercial due to the fact that a couple is going on their first date and represents the different date spots. Over-protective parents essentially are symbolized in this ad due to parents wanting the best safety for their child and knowing where their child is during the night.

There are various emotional appeals that this commercial implies. The first emotional appeal is humor. Kevin Hart is a comedian, which automatically incorporates humor, making the ad more memorable and attention grabbing. This commercial is aimed towards parents that have been in this situation, being over-protective, and wanting their child to be safe. It is also intended for parents who like to know where their child is traveling.

The political economy behind this commercial has an impact on this product. A Hyundai Genesis 2016 costs about $38,750. “Hyundai has had 1,215 national airings and earned an airing rank of #594 with a spend ranking of #22 as compared to all other advertisers ( The Blue Link Car Finder, which is included with the Hyundai Genesis is an app and can be downloaded from Apple smart watches. This commercial has ranked as a 6.91 out of 10, being one of the most popular Super Bowl commercial from this year. For the 2016 Super Bowl, it cost $5 million for 30 seconds of a commercial to be aired. Hyundai is an official sponsor of the 2016 Super Bowl, increasing their ad campaign and using #HyundaiSuperBowl on social media to connect to its customers.

Overall, this commercial was a success by making it memorable and advertising their product through humor which is something that everyone enjoys. There is no doubt that people will start purchasing the Hyundai Genesis 2016 due to this creative commercial in the 50th Super Bowl.