KIA commercial utilizes socks as a way to symbolize different lifestyles.  As Christopher Walken explains one can either live their life with “beige socks”, a life that is simplistic or boring, or with the polka dot socks, a life filled with adventure and excitement.  The ad continues this analogy when the introduce the new KIA Optima.  The ad states that the new Optima will lead to a life similar to that of those who wear the exciting socks.  This semiotic technique allows the company to explain their belief that their new design exciting.  On a psychoanalytic level, the commercial plays on the desire to have a fun life.  No one wants to live their life with no thrills or to have the same exact schedule day in and day out.  The commercial states that to avoid this life one can buy the new KIA Optima.  The demographic that this ad aims to reach is young men in their 30’s and 40’s.  These men might feel as if their life is settling down and becoming tedious.  This new car will reverse this.