Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook have created a both mobile and fast pace society when it comes to news and entertainment. Being that Twitter is available on smart phones, people have the ability to be quickly updated, regularly, on the go. People that are constantly traveling with work and things like that don’t always have the opportunity to watch the news on TV. Twitter gives people the options of following certain people, narrowing down what you see to things that only concern you. Likewise you can communicate with others on Twitter, discussing and debating about anything from politics to sports news. Similar to Twitter, Facebook gives you the options to be friends with and follow certain people. One thing that Facebook does for society is provide censorship in the sense that not just anything gets posted, and if anything inappropriate does, it will usually be blurred out and or removed in a short amount of time. As time goes on, Twitter and Facebook are starting to become to go to for recent news and events. Even if you aren’t following any news accounts, people you follow and or are friends with is probably talking about it.