James Clelland, Ginnie Durkin




Snapchat has reshaped social life by allowing people to snap photos or videos and send them to others or post them to their story.  With these photos/videos people have the ability to see where someone is at a certain time as well as see how fast the person is going or the temperature of where the person is.  Snapchat allows for immediate updates rather than twitter or facebook and also allows someone to apply filters to their photos and videos.  Even though Snapchat is a social media it isn’t permanent as someone’s story is only around for one day and disappears after.  Snapchat also allows people to view stories of popular events going on in the world while they are happening, as well as contribute their own photos if they are attending any of the events.  People also pay more attention to snapchat as well since the posts are only up for a day and you can only replay a snap once per day, unlike Twitter or Facebook where the posts are there forever until someone deletes it.