Facebook has become one of the most popular ways for people to communicate with one another and share ideas. People often share important news articles regarding politics, environment, and pop culture. It is used to spread awareness for different charities and diseases. For example, in 2014 something called the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” went viral. People had to record themselves dumping ice cold water on themselves and tag a few other people to do the same thing. If you didn’t complete the challenge within 24 hours you had to make a donation to the ALS foundation. The challenge ended up raising 115 million dollars for ALS research and also educated people about the disease. In addition, many colleges use Facebook as a way for incoming students to connect with one another before coming to school. Accepted students pages helped students meet people from their future schools and learn about one another. Facebook also helps people stay in touch with one another. People can make statuses that are shared with all of their friends and also message people directly. Lastly, it is used by celebrities and big companies to promote products or other important information.

Facebook has made connecting with people much easier and much faster. One way it has changed the uses of older media is that people do not watch the news as much because they can usually find important stories shared on Facebook. Instead of picking up the phone, people check their Facebook accounts to find out information or to communicate with their friends