John Alan Lasseter was born in 1957 during the month of January in Hollywood, California.  John grew up in Whittier, California and attended school at Pepperdine Univeristy before realizing his dream of wanting to become an animator.  He chose to switch out of Pepperdine University and attend the California Institute of Arts where he took a computer animation class to begin working towards his dream.  After graduating from CIoA he began working for Disney’s animation studios where he was then fired for promoting computer animation.  He then went to work for Lucasfilm where he continued to porduce computer animated movies.  After working for Lucasfilm for multiple years, Lasseter decided to go back and work for Disney now that they were accepting of computer animation.  After returning to Disney Lasseter branched out and created another animation studio, which is one of the most successful ones today, Pixar Animation Studios.  This studio led to Lasseter finally achieving his dream of becoming a top animator.